How to build an outdoor dog play area out of concrete (2023)

Having a pet dog is a sweet experience, but it needs to be taken good care of. It is really a treat and you can enjoy your free time with your dog. If you're worried about the bathroom area, learn how to build an outdoor dog bathing area using a few simple tricks.

Dogs often drop feces on concrete and cleaning it up is no easy task. If you have grassy areas, you can often notice yellow patches on them. In addition, bad smells can spoil the freshness of the room.

Building a potty and getting your dog to use it is the main task. You need to know some measures, tricks, materials and processes. But before you get started, there are a few facts that need to be considered. We will show you step by step how to build an outdoor concrete dog toilet.

The size, dimension, and pattern of the potty area will depend entirely on the size of your dog, the size of the environment, and the estimated cost of that purpose.

Things to consider before you start building the dog toilet area are listed below:

Choose a place

How to build an outdoor dog play area out of concrete (1)

When learning how to build a concrete outdoor dog bathing area, you need to know how to choose the right spot for it. Choose a spot that is closest to you and your dog. Otherwise, cleaning and good smell will be a problem.

Therefore, choose an accessible and quiet outdoor location. It should be away from the outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area.

Don't put it near the place where you relax and gossip. It should be away from the children's play area. If you want to build it on the roof you have to be very careful.

Small pets can fall or slide off the high surface through the gap between the ledges. It is better not to choose the roof, since your pet can even jump from it. So find an outdoor space that is easily accessible for both you and the dog.

extraction forms

You need to provide a good suction system for the dog's potty area. Before you know how to build an outdoor concrete dog urinal, you should know how to remove urine and feces from the dog urinal. The extraction system needs to be well planned.

Before finding ways to extract, you need to know the release point. Remember not to expose any drainage in the bed or field area. You need to find a low rated location to unlock the sewers. Place gravel and gravel to solve drainage problems. It sure is an excellent idea.

climate problems

Because we provide information on the concrete construction of an outdoor dog bathing area, we need to inform you about weather problems. Before building a dog bath, you should consider weather-related issues and find a solution to them.

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No problem. We'll teach you the tricks. If it's hot, you can put blinds over the potty area. Extreme heat is also uncomfortable. Then you need to place shadows.

If there's a blizzard, you need to be prepared for that too. You must be willing to shovel snow and have it ready when needed.

You should also be prepared for rainy weather. When it rains, you need to provide a strong drainage system. You can also put a shadow covering it.

Dimensions of the Ortes

Bathing areas should not be too small. You must give the dog enough space to wash his potty. If your dog is small, you can consider the size according to its size and habit.

Since you are the dog's owner, you know the habit of going to the bathroom. If your dog likes to walk or run a little slowly before leaving the potty, you should choose a large space according to the dog's size. Most dogs will run around before leaving the potty to find a comfortable place to poop. Therefore, decide on a minimum size that is sufficient based on the size of the dog.

Decide on the top layer of the potty area

The decision on the surface design depends on your planning. You may have a surface design plan. Your consideration will be preferable to decide this. It also depends on your dog's habit and nature. You must consider your dog's comfort zone.

If you need to clean the area a lot every day, opt for the solution to this problem. In addition, costs must also be taken into account. The surface design depends on how much money you are going to invest in the dog potty area.

You can use grass, artificial grass, mulch, rocks, etc. use. But you have to keep in mind that there shouldn't be any harm if the dog tries to eat the covering articles. Larger stones and sharp-edged rocks can also be the reason for paw injuries.

Decide on the pattern

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Before you start building the dog potty, decide on the pattern. After choosing the location, you can decide on the desired pattern of the dog bathtub.

You can build a rectangular or circular potted area. You can choose a square shape for the bathroom area, which is more convenient.

To build an outdoor concrete dog bathing area, you will need a few tools and materials. They are given below:

White board

You will need chalk to perfectly draw the face of the square. You can easily erase the lines so you can easily create straight chalk lines. If there is a mistake while outlining, you can erase it and redraw the line and create a perfect square or any shape you want.

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concrete blocks

Using a cinder block is undoubtedly a very good decision. Concrete blocks are easily available everywhere and cheap too. They are of good quality. Concrete blocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So you can buy them in the shape and size you need. In addition, cinder blocks are beautiful, strong and weather resistant.

You can easily create your dog's potty area with cinder blocks. You need to build the structure high enough to fill rocks, dirt and grass inside.

cement block panels

You need Cinder Block Covers to cover and protect the blocks. Otherwise, the open part may hurt the furry baby.

quantification band

When learning how to build an outdoor concrete dog bathtub and building it yourself, you should decide on the measure and measure with a tape measure if necessary. Quantizing tape is essential to building the potty area to the perfect length and width.

weed barrier

It is used on concrete before the site is filled with earth and other elements. It's a type of cloth or plastic covering that blocks grass growth. You should buy enough weed barrier to cover the entire pot area. Weed killers are very important when you are covering wood. Weed barriers keep dirt and trap moisture. They do not block air or water. Weed suppressants prevent weed growth and are readily available.

crushed stones

Crushed stone is used for drainage. You can mix and place crushed bricks and stones there for proper mining.


Find soil enriched with phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. You need nutrient-rich soil for herbs to take root quickly.


It's the turf of grass. If you have grass plants, you can dig them up and set them up. If not, you'll have to buy weed. These are available in local shops.

How to build an outdoor dog play area out of concrete (3)

An attractive design for your dog.

If you can entice your dog to be there and let him go to the bathroomOutsideDog potty so you can do this with a Johnny pump or with colored bricks. When this works, you don't have to worry about the potty area.


Rolling the lawn is very important. Supports herb growth. You can just buy them.

Steps to build a dog potty area

Once you've gathered all the materials, you can begin the process. The steps to build a concrete outdoor dog pot are given below:

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Draw the border of the dog toilet area

First you need to draw the outline to create the dimension. You can use chalk for this. To draw the outline perfectly, use a tape measure to correctly measure and draw the outline according to the measurement. Draw a perfect outline of the desired dimension.

Place the cinder blocks to create the layout

After drawing the outline, it is very easy to place the cinder blocks on the line one by one. Learning how to build a concrete outdoor dog potty also teaches you simple tricks.

Apply a layer of mortar to the line and arrange the blocks correctly. Join them with refractory brick mortars. Create the design with cinder blocks by placing them on the drawn lines. You can use cinder blocks that are 6 to 8 inches long to create comfortable dimension. After you create the rim, let it sit for 24 hours.

Coverage with cross brush barrier fabric

Once the layout is ready, cover it with a weed suppressant. Cover the entire potty area with weed barriers. It keeps the dirt inside. There is the barrier of air and water. This keeps the moisture out. Weed barriers protest the bond between concrete and grass. It must not be squeezed. Otherwise it may be damaged.

Keep it a little loose so it can support the weight of rocks, dirt, straw, and grass. Once the entire project is covered, place the weed barriers with the cinder block design by laying the top of the cinder blocks over the fabric. Trim off the excess weed suppressant to ensure a nice finish.

Make a layer of crushed stone

Sprinkle crushed stone and crushed bricks over the weed suppressant. This layer helps the drainage system. In fact, it's the best form of extraction. Make a 1- to 2-inch layer of crushed stone and gravel to ensure proper drainage system.

Spread the earth and make a thick layer

Lay the soil on top of the crushed stone layer. To do this, it needs nutrient-enriched soil so that it can adequately feed the pastures. The soil must be enriched with potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

You will need to make layers 3 to 4 inches thick or depending on your height. Just keep 2 to 3 inches of floor space so there is no problem laying the sod and you have plenty of room to lay the sod.

lay the grass

After putting it on the ground, you should spray it with some water to create a hydrated surface. You don't need to soak the soil with water, just moisten it a little. After that, lay the grass directly on the surface. Press them down a little with your fingers so they fit properly.

It's time to unfold

After laying the turf, it is now time to create a bond between the soil and the turf. Only manual pressing does not work. If you apply too much pressure instead, the grass plants will be damaged. It's the most important part of learning how to build oneOutsideDog potty on concrete.

You can roll it up with a rolling pin. You can also use a rolling pin to get the job done. But if you don't have casters or rollers, you can use your body weight to roll on the turf. You can carefully walk across the grass to connect the shoes to the ground. Even if grass hasn't taken root yet, this rolling process will benefit them as they take root.

spray some water

After rolling, you need to sprinkle some water on the grass. Keep watering the grasses for at least a week to allow them to take root. Once root growth is confirmed, you no longer need to water.

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You can also use different surfaces. The replacement areas are given below:

fake grass

Natural pastures are the best. But you must take care of them and they must be properly maintained. If you are busy and don't have enough time for maintenance and natural grass seems too expensive, you can use artificial grass as a substitute.

Artificial grass requires no maintenance or watering. It doesn't spoil or die. If you spray on a layer of UV protection, the color of the artificial grass will not fade. They are durable and inexpensive. All you have to do is buy artificial grass intended for use in dog litter boxes.

wood upholstery

You can choose wood mulch for the surface of the dog bathing area as it is cheap and easy to obtain. If you use wood straw, you should change it annually to ensure freshness. To learn more about building a concrete dog potty for outdoors, read on.

Save your money by knowing these tricks

Purchase soil, grass, rocks, and other necessary supplies from local stores that sell a large number of items in a single package. You can also buy from wholesalers.

Convince your pet to use the potty area

Now that you've learned how to build an outdoor concrete potty, you should know how to convince your furry companion to use that potty. It's really a difficult task. If you can teach your dog to follow your commands, it will be easy. If he obeys all your commands, he will listen to you if you keep him in the bathroom area.

You can keep some of your dog's favorite toys or objects at the spot, or have him run around the spot frequently to lure him out. The first time you will be hesitant to be there as it is an unfamiliar place. But gradually practice pooping in the potty area. You'll have to be patient, but your dog will surely be high-spirited.

maintenance system

You should clean and disinfect the dog's toilet area every day. So you need to make sure you have a proper extraction system. You can choose a plastic container for this. You can also choose wood hole alternatives for drainage. Whatever you choose, you must provide a better drainage system to keep the place clean.

Another problem that can arise is the yellowing of grasses. This has become a common problem. But there is a better solution for you. Like this article on how to build a concrete outdoor dog potty? Continue reading.

Many yellow dots can be found in many places on the lawn. Pulling weed is not a solution as you often face this problem. So the solution is to replant the site. Always save extra grass seeds and if there are yellow spots sprinkle new seeds on the spot and spray some water over the seed areas. The newly hatched grasses cover the area and the problem is solved.


House dogs are always adorable companions and sometimes they are your best friends. You need to think about a better lifestyle for them. Building a dog bath will solve your problems. It will be a refreshing place and a little piece of heaven and a playground for the dog.

Take care of the good smell of the place. It's not that easy? Since you have already learned the procedures of building a concrete dog potty area outdoors, please share your thoughts on this article with us. Don't forget to comment below. Have a nice day!

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